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PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES IN ZAMBIA Central Estates Zambia has been managing properties on behalf of clients since 2007. Our Clients (Landlords) include individuals and Organisations; who outsource the management of their properties to us in order to concentrate on their core businesses. We maintain a close relationship with tenants to ensure that  they take pleasure in keeping the surroundings of properties green and friendly. Landlords are allowed to visit their properties at reasonable intervals to be assured that their properties are maintained in good condition as per contractual agreement. We offer Landscaping services on long-term contract basis. With shrubs, grass and flowers from company owned Gardens, our clients are assured of a green  environment and lower rates. To realise the best returns from your property investment, give it to the professionals to manage. At Central Estates, we offer competitive rates to ensure satisfied clients. Because we manage tenants professionally,…

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